EARTH Thailand

Increasing Transparency Industrial Pollution Management through Citizen Science: A Report on Thailand’s Waste Situation and Management

Arnika – Toxics and Waste Programme, and Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand (EARTH), October 2016

Thailand and a National Path: Towards Sustainable Waste Management

The Thai government has announced that it will resolve municipal waste problems as part of its top national agenda by targeting the disposal of over 30 million tonnes of unmanaged waste, and setting up proper ways to dispose both hazardous and municipal solid wastes in 2021.

The Thai government’s sustainable waste management agenda is launching in coincidence to the declaration the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) which include worldwide reducing half of the food waste and waste from consumer sector as well as promoting industrial production  pattern  with  more responsible to environment  and society.  However it is a big challenge how the country under the lead of Thai government will be able to achieve  its national goals and how to transform the ambitious agenda into concrete and sustainable way of practice. 

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