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Impact of Rayong oil spill will take more than a decade to overcome, say locals

The Nation 05 February 2022 

Local fishermen are worried that the oil spill in Rayong will have a far-reaching impact on the marine ecosystem, especially since the area is still struggling from the aftermath of the 2013 disaster. Weerasak Kongnarong, president of the Rayong fishermen association, said earlier this week that the wind and waves are pushing the slick toward Koh Samet, and it will take at least 20 years for the damage to be mitigated. He said just using dispersant chemicals is not enough.


Community hardships in the wake of oil spill

EARTH REPORT 02 Febuary 2022

Voices from the subaltern - fisherfolks of Laem Rung Ruang cape, Rayong, Thailand, speak of the economc hardships they face in the wake of an oil spill in the gulf of Thailand

"No government agencies has come to see us... the company has not come to investigate the impact... the company told us to go submit complaints... but this is time of emergency. It shouldn't be our job right now to run around and ask for help. We're just fisherfolks."


Public Forum: Oil Spill Incident (Again)

Tuesday 1 Febuary 2022, at 1.00-3.30 pm.

Thai Climate Justice for All (TCJA) in collaboration with the Ecological Alert abd Recovery - Thailand (EARTH) and Greenpeace Thailand will hold a forum to discuss about the oil spill incident in Reyong after the oil leaked from an underwater pipeline in the eastern coast of Thailand and continues to wash ashore and blacken the sand, threatening the marine ecosystem and the local communities.


Odor Complaints by Community ignored for two years

EARTH REPORT 12 January 2022

A housing estate community in southeast Bangkok still affected by foul smell from waste factory, after two years of continuous complaints.

NGO Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand (EARTH) conducted preliminary exploration and environmental monitoring of an area affected by a Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT) waste factory, after locals complained of chronic foul smell.


COSCO Shipping Line Called Upon to Stop Illegal and Harmful Exports of Plastic Waste

Shipping giant found exporting German plastic wastes to Turkey and Vietnam

Seattle, WA. January 6, 2022. Following the seizure of 37 containers of German plastic waste from the COSCO ship COSCO PRIDE in Piraeus Greece late last year, 52 non-governmental organizations have sent a letter to the Chairman of COSCO Global to stop their exports of plastic waste.


Court fees exempted for citizens suing factory for pollution

EARTH REPORT 15 December 2021

NONG PHAWA, RAYONG – The Rayong Provincial court granted court fees exemption for Nong Phawa locals suing a recycling company for polluting local water.


Thai trash collectors threatened by continued waste imports

Surging imports of plastic waste have put a strain on the livelihoods of Thailand’s informal trash collectors

China Dialogue 08 December 2021 | Luke Duggleby 

Throughout September, hundreds of garbage collectors from Thailand’s Saleng and Recycle Trader Association (SRTA) gathered in Bangkok to protest outside government offices against the continued import of foreign waste.


Local cry out as industrial fumes and foul affected their health

EARTH REPORT 30 October 2021

RAYONG, THAILAND – Citizens captured videos showing plumes of smoke coming out of IRPC petrochemical company’s gas flare stacks. They reported foul smell and loud, disturbing noises accompanying the smoke. 


Local people affected by industrial pollution join legal workshop on health and environment

EARTH REPORT 30 October 2021

Ecological Alert and Recovery - Thailand (EARTH) and the Pro bono Lawyers Network of Thailand (PLNT) held the second workshop under the topic “Use and Engagement of Legal Knowledge for the Protection of Health and Environment”. Various citizen groups from Rayong and Ratchaburi attended the workshop. All of them victims of industrial pollution seeking environmental justice.


Minamata film reveals the long struggles of residents affected by industrial mercury spill to Thai public

EARTH REPORT 29 October 2021

Environmental NGO Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand (EARTH) and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health) organized a screening of the film “MINAMATA”.

The film tells the true story of Minamata, a town devasted by severe methylmercury poisoning between the 1930s-1970s. The pollution was a result of the release of wastewater from a chemical factory owned by Chisso Corporation. It led to a widespread occurrence of neurological symptoms that are now popularly known as “Minamata Disease”.