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Australia quietly reopens plastic waste exports while, UNEP “Turns on the Tap” for burning plastic waste in cement kilns

Policy desperation on the eve of Plastic Treaty negotiations

(20 May 2023) On the eve of the new global Plastics Treaty negotiations in Paris, the Australian Environment Minister has decided to reopen plastic waste exports, after a five-year ban introduced by the previous federal government. The 2019 ban on waste exports came in response to China and Southeast Asian countries expose` on waste dumping. Countries that Australia had previously exported plastic waste to, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, struggle to manage plastic waste pollution, resulting in significant harm to vulnerable communities and sensitive marine environments.


EARTH-ENLAW-Greenpeace Thailand called for accountability and transparency over missing Cesium-137 from Prachin Buri power plant

21 March 2023

Environmental NGOs EARTH, ENLAWTHAI Foundation, and Greenpeace Thailand, released a press statement calling for accountability and transparency from government agencies, after the radioactive material “Cesium-137” went missing from a power plant in Si Maha Phot district, Prachin Buri province. 


Court rejects Wax Garbage’s appeal to alleviate sentences

Seizures of polluter’s properties will continue, yet plaintiffs still received no compensation

EARTH REPORT 21 February 2023

The Court of Appeal held a hearing on the pollution dispute case between locals of Nampu subdistrict, Ratchaburi province as plaintiffs, against Wax Garbage Recycling Center Company and its owner. 


Si Thep Locals Demand Justice to be Enacted Against Toxic Landfill

EARTH REPORT 20 February 2023

Si Thep locals are calling for government agencies to take actions after a landmark court case failed to end impacts from a polluting landfill 


All choked up on bad air

Bangkok Post 19 February 2023 | APINYA WIPATAYOTIN 

State agencies fighting smog are hamstrung by a lack of tougher laws 

''People have a right to live in a clean environment and this is guaranteed under the constitution,'' said Penchom Saetang, director of Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand (EARTH Thailand).


Thailand’s worsening PM2.5 problem is lost in the fog of politics

Thai PBS World 10 February  2023

Penchom Saetang, director of the Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand Foundation, supports the legislation to register polluters, believing it would give people knowledge of where PM2.5 emitters are located and enable authorities to properly assess the situation and prepare solutions.


NGOs Put Pressure on FDA Thailand to Act vs. Cosmetics Contaminated with Mercury

PRESS RELEASE  6 February 2023

Bangkok, Thailand/Quezon City Philippines. In an unprecedented move, public interest organizations working to reduce human exposure to harmful chemicals pressed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand to take immediate action to stop the unlawful production and trade of cosmetics laden with mercury.


IPEN SEA visits Nampu, Ratchaburi Industrial Waste contamination site

EARTH REPORT 05 February 2022

NGOs from IPEN SEA or International Pollutants Elimination Network Southeast Asia visited the industrial waste contaminated site of Nampu subdistrict Ratchaburi province, Tas part of the learning visit program under the regional strategic meeting.


Towards a comprehensive and transparent global system for prevent chemical and waste pollution?

EARTH REPORT 04 February 2023

Key points from Science Policy Panel OEWG meeting in Bangkok 


EARTH urges for sound management of chemicals and waste and to prevent pollution

EARTH Statement at the Science Policy Panel OEWG Meeting | 03 February 2023

"The work of the Science Policy Panel should reflect democratization of science that aims to protect local communities by ensuring public participation and community right-to-know."