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Get e-waste under control

Bangkok Post 25 June 2018 | EDITORIAL

The fast-emerging scandal of the dumping of electronic waste illustrates just how far behind, and how out of touch authorities are in battling corruption. Of course the e-waste story involves flaunting of the law. But it shows just how simple it is to ignore laws, bypass regulations and fool government. The days of furtive corruption involving suitcases full of cash are gone. Some call the new-style corruption more sophisticated but it is actually more thuggish.


Politicians linked to electronic waste scams

Bangkok Post 24 June 2018 | Apinya Wipatayotin and Wassayos Ngamkham

An in-depth investigation is under way to bring both local and national politicians to justice after some are suspected to be involved in an illegal electronic waste recycling business operated by Chinese businessmen.

In an exclusive interview with the Bangkok Post, Pol Gen Wirachai Songmetta, a deputy national police chief, who oversees a police team inspecting electronic waste recycling plants across the country, said some politicians are involved in this business.


IEAT orders inspection of waste factories

Bangkok Post 23 June 2018

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) has ordered all industrial estates to examine operators in their jurisdictions in order to bust those unlawfully bringing in electronic waste.

The order came after authorities inspected 148 electronic waste recycling factories late last month and found several of them imported and processed e-waste unlawfully.


Waste import licences ‘will not be renewed’

The Nation 23 June 2018

Police working group investigating cases of smuggling and wrongdoing.

LICENCES issued to companies previously authorised to import electronic and other wastes for recycling and disposal in Thailand will not be renewed, the Department of Industrial Works said yesterday.


Surasak to head new panel policing waste imports

Bangkok Post 22 June 2018 | Lamonphet Apisitniran & Apinya Wipatayotin

A new committee led by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Surasak Kanjanarat will take over from the Industry Ministry's Department of Industrial Works (DIW), in allowing the import of plastic and electronic waste.

Any imports of hazardous waste will need permission on a case-by-case basis as the DIW will cancel all licences for electronic and plastic waste imports next week, the department's director-general Mongkol Pruekwatana said Thursday.


Push on to block toxic e-wastes


With another 100,000 tonnes set to enter the country this year, officials determined to amend regulations.

TOP government officials have pledged to stop more than 100,000 tonnes of electronic and other hazardous wastes from entering the country later this year, as they prepare to amend regulations to tightly manage the import of recycled and used items.


Letter: Plea for the Thai government to solve the electronic and hazardous waste import crisis

EARTH 21 June 2018

Thailand has become the recipient of electronic, plastic and hazardous waste from dozens of developed and developing countries. On May 22, 2018, Deputy National Police Commissioner General Wirachai Songmetta and officials from relevant agencies uncovered electronic waste recycling operations in Plaeng Yao district, Chachoengsao province, eastern Thailand. Since then, more than ten companies have been exposed for violations related to the import of electronic and plastic waste into Thailand.


Govt considers ‘total ban’ on the import of e-waste

The Nation 21 June 2018  

THE GOVERNMENT is seriously considering an immediate ban on the import of electronic waste.

“We will determine if the use of Article 44 is necessary to enforce the ban,” Defence Ministry spokesman Lt-General Kongcheep Tantravanich said yesterday, referring to the decision by a reform committee that is chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister General Prawit Wongsuwon. 


E-waste import ban eyed

Bangkok Post 21 June 2018 | Wassana Nanuam

Regime mulls Section 44 order for clean-up

The government is considering exercising an all-powerful Section 44 order to ban electronics waste imports amid growing concerns over an influx of illegal hazardous trash into the country.


Prawit orders end to imports of hazardous waste

Bangkok Post 20 June 2018 | Wassana Nanuam

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon has ordered authorities to find ways to end the importation of hazardous and electronic waste.

Lt Gen Khongcheep Tantrawanit, the defence spokesman, said Gen Prawit issued the order at a meeting of the committee on the reform of national administration.